• Maurice Williamson
Research, Science and Technology

"Science and technology are as much a part of New Zealand as the All Blacks, it's just unfortunate public attention is not equally focused," Minister of Research, Science and Technology Hon Maurice Williamson told this year's Science and Technology Teacher Fellowship recipients.

Mr Williamson was speaking at this afternoon's Fellowship award function at the Royal Society of New Zealand's Science House in Wellington.

The Fellowships are awarded to science, technology and mathematics teachers enabling them to spend up to one year in industry or research organisations to strengthen the science and technology curriculum.

"The Fellowship Programme is well suited to enhance positive attitudes to science and technology in schools and in the wider community," the Minister said.

"The Science and Technology Teacher Fellowship Programme will only work when teachers like those of you gathered here today, reach out beyond your classroom to your professional and general communities to share the excitement of science and technology," said the Minister.