Fee Change Good For Broadcasting

  • Tony Ryall

"The decision of the Government to no longer limit NZ On Air's funding to the level of the Public Broadcasting Fee is good
news for the New Zealand broadcasting industry", Acting Communications Minister, Tony Ryall, said today.

"We agree with NZ On Air Chairman, David Beatson's analysis that NZ On Air is more likely to get extra funding because of
the Government's decision.

Mr Beatson said in a statement yesterday that "he was more hopeful of winning a vote increase, than he ever was about
winning a Fee increase.

"The Broadcasting Fee has not been increased since NZ On Air was established in 1989. No political Party has ever
promised to increase the Fee.

"The Government has provided for NZ On Air's funding to be stabilised at its current level over the next three years rather
than subject to the vagaries of a difficult fee collection regime.