Family of nine get ‘Healthy Home’

  • Mark Gosche

Housing and Pacific Island Affairs Minister Mark Gosche and Associate Health and Housing Minister Tariana Turia were delighted to attend a ‘healthy home’ opening in Otara for a family of nine including 7 children this morning.

The family previously had only three bedrooms. Their house has been completely remodelled to create one six-bedroom property, study, larger living areas and an extra bathroom.

“It will provide a healthy home environment in which the family can enjoy their family life and make the most of their opportunities”, the Minister’s said.

“The renovations are a part of the government’s healthy housing programme in South Auckland.

“The co-relation between health and housing is well-evidenced and widely accepted in New Zealand. This government has designed this programme to identify those families most in need, with a goal of reducing health risks of infectious diseases, overcrowding, hospitalisation and provide housing that will encourage their development and maintain their health.

“Along with the new home there is also support and information provided to ensure they can develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle for their family.

“The nuclear New Zealand family with 2.5 children has always been a myth especially to whanau and Pacific peoples families, therefore the government has based their housing needs on New Zealand families themselves.

“In total 1000 houses in Otara, Mangere and Onehunga will benefit from the programme this financial year at an expected cost of $13.8 million. The programme includes extending existing homes to accommodate large families and modifying them to improve ventilation and insulation.

“This integrated health and housing partnership approach between Housing New Zealand Corporation, Manukau Counties DHB and Auckland DHB demonstrates the government’s commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of families to expand the opportunities they have available to them,” Mark Gosche and Tariana Turia said this morning.