Extra funding for sound archives

  • Craig Foss
  • Christopher Finlayson
Broadcasting Arts, Culture and Heritage

Responsibility for Radio New Zealand’s Sound Archives (Sound Archives Nga Taonga Korero) is being transferred to the New Zealand Film Archive, announced the Arts, Culture and Heritage Minister, Chris Finlayson and Broadcasting Minister, Craig Foss today.

A transfer agreement has been signed, and takes effect from 1 October 2012.

An extra $300,000 per annum is being made available for sound archiving and a one-off sum of $1 million will be provided over the next two financial years. This extra funding will be used to digitise New Zealand’s valuable audio heritage.

“RNZ has done an excellent job over the years in caring for New Zealand’s sound archive. The transfer of responsibility to the New Zealand Film Archive provides an opportunity to build on that legacy and enable broader use of expertise across the sector,” says Mr Finlayson.

“Sound Archives Nga Taonga Kōrero staff will continue to provide their professional expertise alongside that of the Film Archive,” says Mr Foss.