Extra $157 Million to Keep NZ Safe

  • Jack Elder

An increase of $157 million over three years has significantly boosted the ability of the Police to respond to the security needs of New Zealand communities, Police Minister Jack Elder said.

"In order to deliver improved police services to the public, the Government has approved an extra $55 million for Police funding this year, with further funding committed for the next two years.

This increase contains funding targeted for policing the America's Cup defence and the APEC forum to be held in Auckland in 1999. "More money, spent wisely, means more security for New Zealanders. The increased funding will be spread across all areas of policing, with increases to go to key areas such as solving property offences, violent and sexual offences and traffic offences.

"More money will enable police to give more attention to fighting the menace of organised crime in our communities." Mr Elder said the extra funding includes a reinstatement of savings scheduled to be deducted against the benefits of INCIS, which has yet to be fully implemented, and extra funding for information and technology costs.

The extra funding is an increase to the Police baseline budget level.