• Jim Bolger
Prime Minister

"Up to 2,000 young unemployed New Zealanders will have the opportunity to improve their chances of getting a job as a result of the Government's decision to expand the Defence Force's Limited Service Volunteer scheme," the Prime Minister, Rt Hon J B Bolger, said today.

Mr Bolger announced the expansion of the scheme, from 720 trainees a year to up to 2,000, while visiting the New Zealand Army's Burnham Camp, where five, six week residential courses are run each year.

"The LSV scheme is designed to give young people the opportunity to instil in themselves, with some assistance and direction, life skills which will help them become better people and improve their chances of getting a job," said Mr Bolger.

Young people volunteer for the course which aims to:


  • enhance self-esteem;
  • improve confidence and motivation;
  • foster self-discipline; and
  • develop teamwork.

To enable the expansion of the LSV scheme, the Government plans to operate it from both Burnham and Waiouru military camps.

"It was the previous National Government who introduced the LSV scheme, however it was left to wither and die under Labour. This Government revived the scheme in 1993.

"The Government is determined to do everything it can to help young people realise their full potential, become self-sustaining and ultimately take up full-time employment," said Mr Bolger.

The all up cost of training 2,000 young people in an expanded LSV scheme is estimated to be $7 million for the first year and about $6 million a year thereafter.

Total new expenditure would be about $5 million for the first year of the expanded scheme and something between $3 million and $4 million thereafter.