Every 4 Minutes: Chief Science Advisor sets out actions to prevent family violence

  • Jan Logie

The Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor has delivered a report on preventing family violence and reducing incarceration rates today.

Dr Ian Lambie, Chief Science Advisor to the Justice sector, presented the paper Every 4 Minutes: A discussion paper on preventing family violence in New Zealand, to Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Domestic and Sexual Violence Issues) Jan Logie.

“This report confirms that prevention is possible, and we can ultimately end family violence in New Zealand,” says Jan Logie.

“We already know the significant trauma family violence causes for children and adults in New Zealand.

“What we need are concrete actions to prevent that trauma and improve the lives of all New Zealanders.”

The report comes as the Government is developing a national strategy and action plan on family violence and sexual violence.

“The priorities set out in the paper include a strong focus on repairing the harm done to our children; the need for media and awareness-raising campaigns to challenge social norms and focus on prevention; and the investment required in our workforce to ensure we achieve the necessary integration and collaboration,” says Jan Logie.

“It also points to the importance of adequate income, housing, support for parents and wider environmental conditions in our efforts to reduce violence. We have to look at the big picture.

“I welcome the Chief Science Advisor’s contribution on this critical subject.

“Everyone need to be part of this work, and this paper provides accessible information about what we can all do, together, to end family violence,” says Jan Logie.