Ethnicity data to be collected for appointments to State sector boards

  • Hon Jenny Salesa
Ethnic Communities

Cabinet has agreed to collect ethnicity data for candidates appointed to State sector boards and committees, says Minister for Ethnic Communities Jenny Salesa.

 “This data will be used to identify opportunities and challenges in delivering our goal of ensuring Government bodies have a balanced membership reflective of wider New Zealand society,” says Jenny Salesa.

 “Every year the Government makes appointments to 429 State sector boards and committees.

 “If we embrace the strength of our diverse society, we can gain a broader range of knowledge, skills, perspectives and relationships.

 “As Minister for Ethnic Communities, one of my priorities is to help empower ethnic communities to succeed and contribute to society. One way of doing this is by encouraging ethnic representation on state sector boards and committees. As a starting point, we need good information about current representation.

 “The Office of Ethnic Communities (OEC) will conduct a voluntary survey of ethnic representation on State sector boards and committees from 3 October 2018 to 31 October 2018.

 “This will enable OEC to collect baseline data to help strengthen future monitoring and reporting of ethnic diversity across State sector boards and committees. OEC will report back on progress in early 2019.

 “This is part of our ongoing work to support people from ethnic communities in contributing to state sector boards and committees,” says Jenny Salesa.