Environmental Grants to Schools

  • Deborah Morris
Associate Minister for the Environment

The Hon Deborah Morris, Associate Minister for the Environment, today announced environmental grants to 11 schools, totalling almost $15,000.

The grants from the New Zealand Glass Environmental Fund are sponsored by ACI NZ Glass Manufacturers to encourage studies which give young people an understanding of the importance and fragility of the environment.

"Equipping young people with the skills and knowledge to develop a clean, and healthy environment is vital in this day and age.

"ACI are committed to encouraging young people to value and relate to their environment, and I hope ACI will continue to support quality projects such as these, " said Ms Morris.

The Fund was set up in 1983 and has a national committee which helps decide on funding allocation for each year's recipients. This year the response was excellent, with over 60 expressions of interest from all over New Zealand.

"I am thrilled by the large number of applicants this year. It's good to see young people taking such an interest in their environment, " Ms Morris concluded.

The awards go to:

Scots College in Wellington will receive $2,000 to monitor changes in the Island Bay area subsequent to the completion of the Moa Point Sewage Treatment facility.

Crownthorpe School will receive $1,500 for the establishment of a wildlife garden.

Manurewa High School will receive $2,550 for the collation of environmental monitoring data.

Hokitika School will receive $330 for a composting study.

Manuka School will receive $2,300 to purchase materials to complete a proposed shade house.

Cambridge High School will receive $932 to monitor the local stream and lake.

Pakiri School will receive $800 to establish a worm farm.

Sherenden and Districts School will receive $190 for the establishment of a wildlife garden.

Turakina Maori Girls College will receive $1,000 to establish and document a botanical resource based on the traditional uses of native plants.

Whangarei Boys High School will receive $2,600 for the restoration of part of the Waiarohia Stream.

Otumoetai College will receive $623 for the revegetation and propagation of an area with Pohutukawa and other native trees.