Environmental Awards Disappointing

  • Deborah Morris

Associate Minister for the Environment, Deborah Morris, has expressed disappointment that the annual KPMG awards revealed yet again that there has been little improvement in environmental reporting.

?Watercare services and Tasman Paper and Pulp deserve our congratulations for their continued efforts - its a pity that more organisations don't put their words into actions,? said Associate Minister for the Environment, Deborah Morris.

Organisations that qualify for the awards are few and far between and the same names crop up time and again. Furthermore, the Associate Minister feels there has been no noticeable improvement in the quality of environmental reporting.

?Big business in New Zealand claim that there is no need for mandatory corporate environmental reporting because they were doing it themselves and we should trust them to get on with it without government interference,? said Associate Minister for the Environment, Deborah Morris.

?The awards this year show that businesses have been slow to recognise the need for better environmental reporting and that if left to their own devices, they will not improve their performance at all.

New Zealand is placing its clean green image in jeopardy by refusing to recognise the need to verify our environmental claims,? said Ms Morris.

The Ministry for the Environment has commissioned an information paper aimed at improving the debate on the role of corporate environmental reporting. This paper will be published at the end of August and submissions will be received until the end of November.

Deborah Morris believes that constructive debate will lead to greater understanding of the place for corporate environmental reporting - and how important it is to New Zealand.

?The danger is that if we don't act now, our clean green international image will potentially come back and bite us,? said Ms Morris.