Entitlements for veterans and families increase

  • David Bennett
Veterans’ Affairs

There is extra financial support for some veterans and their families coming into effect today, says Minister for Veterans’ Affairs David Bennett.

Veterans receiving lump-sum payments for suffering a service-related permanent impairment and families receiving child care payments for children of a deceased veteran whose death was service-related, under Scheme Two of the Veterans’ Support Act 2014 are amongst those seeing an increase on July 1.

“The increase ensures the veteran, or family, is not disadvantaged as living costs increase,” Mr Bennett says.

It applies to all people receiving Scheme Two entitlements under the Veterans Support Act 2014.

Scheme Two provides entitlements for veterans with qualifying operational service performed on or after 1 April 1974, and their partners, children and dependents. It provides entitlements based on those provided by ACC, and Veterans’ Affairs pays a top-up where they are also eligible for ACC cover.

“This increase is about doing what’s right for those who have served New Zealand,” says Mr Bennett.

The following entitlements rise by 2.17 percent in line with the increase in the CPI.

  • Lump sum payment for a veteran with a service-related permanent impairment.
  • The Survivors Grant for a deceased veteran’s spouse/partner, children and dependants, where death was service-related.
  • Child Care payments for children of a deceased veteran where death was service-related.

For those veterans receiving the minimum weekly compensation because they are unable to return to work due to a service-related injury or illness, increase by 1.6 percent in line with the Labour Cost Index.

“Veterans receiving minimum weekly entitlements under scheme two of the Veterans’ Support Act 2014 will get around an extra $18 in their pockets a week,” Mr Bennett says.

Note to editors

The rate of Weekly Compensation is based on the veteran’s pre-injury earnings. The minimum rate of Weekly Compensation will increase on 1 July to keep in line with 80% of the average wage.