Enjoy the Cafe Society and Drink in Moderation, Says Jenny Shipley

  • Jenny Shipley

Transport Minister Jenny Shipley is welcoming signs of a new attitude to alcohol among New Zealanders.

"I want to encourage New Zealanders to enjoy the 'cafe society' trend that is emerging and drink in moderation. People of all ages can now enjoy the company of friends and family over a choice of refreshments.

"That's much healthier for our society than people drinking simply for the sake of getting drunk," Mrs Shipley said.

Speaking at the "Lighten Up" function, Mrs Shipley said she was pleased to see the liquor industry promoting low alcohol beer as a socially responsible choice.

"Low alcohol beer offers an alternative that can keep people safer in all aspects of their lives, especially on the roads.

"In the 12 months to June this year, alcohol was a factor in 27 per cent of all road deaths. There has been a reduction in alcohol-related fatal crashes since 1996, and young New Zealanders in particular seem to be getting the message that it's not acceptable to drink and drive.

"I'd encourage all New Zealanders to take that message on board. Low alcohol beer fits well into New Zealanders positive and energetic outdoor style.

"As part of the Government's ongoing efforts to make our roads safer, we will next year be considering ways of encouraging low alcohol beverage consumption, along with other new measures.

"With Christmas and the summer coming up, most New Zealanders including myself will be looking forward to relaxing over a glass of something cold. The important thing to remember is that drinking in moderation keeps us all safe, in our homes and on the roads," Mrs Shipley concluded.