English Challenges Mallard And Clark Over Paper Pile

  • Bill English

Finance Minister Bill English today challenged Helen Clark and Trevor Mallard to produce the 'pile of paper' they said they had on him.

"In the House during question time this afternoon Trevor Mallard said he had a pile of paper and that my turn would come.

"It's clear Labour intends to bully and intimidate individual parliamentarians with the threat of scandal. It is also clear from the House today that Mr Mallard has the full support of his leader, Helen Clark, for this threatening, intimidating behaviour.

"Since these allegations were made in the House I challenge Mr Mallard to produce these papers today or tomorrow so that Parliament can test the credibility of his threats.

"I am inviting Mr Mallard to "dump the dirt" and table in the House any documents which he intends to use against me so we can all see it.

"Labour is so bereft of any ideas that it is resorting to a calculated campaign of personal denigration led by Ms Clark.

"It is ironical that this kind of bullying is coming from the Opposition spokesperson on education who we should expect to be setting standards, not lowering them," said Mr English.