Energy Minister welcomes innovative technology

  • Max Bradford

Energy Minister Max Bradford has welcomed a move by several power companies to introduce choice and control for household electricity consumers using "smart" technology.

"As Energy Minister I have been actively campaigning to see household consumers begin to reap some of the benefits of the competitive electricity market," Mr Bradford said.

Mr Bradford said it was pleasing to see companies proactively seeking ways to bring the benefits of competition to domestic electricity consumers.

The ORCA concept, launched today, was an exciting new development which brought those benefits a step closer for household consumers at large.

"The most exciting aspect of ORCA's wide range of push-button services is the potential for energy management and information. The technology allows consumers to choose between energy suppliers, encouraging greater competition," Mr Bradford said.

It also allowed for cost saving by setting appliances to take advantage of cheaper off peak electricity prices.

"Consumers want choice and value for money. The electricity industry are now beginning to recognise that their customers are not an annoyance attached to the end of their lines."

Mr Bradford said New Zealand had the potential to lead the world in developing innovative metering technology which brings choice of supplier, consumption and a range of services to the householder.

"I congratulate the companies involved - Southpower, Mercury Energy, Powerco, Enerco New Zealand, Westpac Trust, TVNZ, Clear Communications and the Christchurch City Council on this forward-looking initiative."