Energy Minister Welcomes First Signs of Household Competition

  • Max Bradford

Energy Minister Max Bradford has welcomed the news that household electricity consumers are beginning see the benefits of competition in the electricity sector.

" I applaud the joint initiative by United Electricity and Southpower which will see 2000 South Island residential customers buying their power from competing power companies."

Mr Bradford said the trial was similar to the system he saw on a recent visit to investigate the Norwegian electricity sector reforms.

While it was not the final answer to getting full choice and control to household consumers, it was an excellent interim step until new metering technology became readily available, Mr Bradford said.

"As Minister of Energy, it is a personal challenge to get competition into all levels of the market from generation to household electricity retailing.

"I have also made it clear that the industry should take action - without Government intervention - to achieve this by itself while it still has time.

"It is excellent to see power companies picking up the challenge. The electricity industry are now beginning to recognise that their customers are not an annoyance attached to the end of their lines."