Employment scheme for weather bomb clean up

  • Paula Bennett
Youth Affairs Social Development

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett has announced funding for a clean up operation in parts of South Taranaki damaged by a weather bomb at the weekend

“Community members have already sprung into action and this measure is designed to support them,” says Ms Bennett.

Enhanced Taskforce Green will be activated to subsidise a clean up and repair crew, along with hire equipment and supervision.

“This also provides paid work for local beneficiaries who gain skills and experience as they repair damage to buildings and clear debris.”

“Winds reached150 kmh at the height of the storm, causing damage to homes, local marae, buildings and fences and it’s vital we get things back to normal.”

Enhanced Taskforce Green workers will partner with local councils, iwi and community groups in the clean up to include:

  • wages for workers
  • wages for supervisors
  • safety gear and equipment hire

“I have approved $100,000 initially and intend to review the situation if that limit is reached,” says Ms Bennett.

“The extent of the damage is still being assessed, but it’s clear we’ll need extra people to pitch in,” says Ms Bennett.