Emergency Management Plan on Track

  • Jack Elder
Civil Defence

The Minister of Civil Defence Jack Elder says work is on track to establish a new Ministry of Civil Defence by July next year.

He rejected claims from United New Zealand Party Leader, Peter Dunne, that the new emergency management system should have been in place within months of Cabinet approval in late 1996.

"Mr Dunne is talking nonsense," Mr Elder said. "It is one thing to make a decision in principle. It is entirely another matter to have it implemented properly. Mr Dunne seems to be suggesting we should have legislated willy-nilly for a system which must depend on local management and co-operation. You cannot just dragoon councils into this operation."

Mr Elder said partnership was the key to success for the new emergency management system and it cannot happen without everyone working together.

Four pilot studies of the Emergency Management Group concept are under way and discussions with local authorities about the requirements of the new system are progressing well, Mr Elder said.

Legislation establishing the new emergency structures will be introduced to Parliament early next year.