Emergency Housing initiative supporting struggling New Zealanders

  • Amy Adams
Social Housing

Social Housing Minister Amy Adams has today welcomed data showing new help introduced by the Government is creating tangible support for struggling New Zealanders.

For the first time, the Ministry of Social Development’s quarterly benefit fact sheets have included figures on uptake of the Emergency Housing Special Needs Grant (SNG), introduced in July 2016.

“Emergency housing is a priority focus for the Government, and in this quarter alone the new grant has already supported 2600 New Zealanders by giving them somewhere warm, dry and safe to stay while they search for more sustainable housing,” says Ms Adams. 

The new SNG has meant households in need of emergency housing have been eligible for financial support towards the cost of short-term accommodation, for up to seven days initially with extensions available where required.

“We’re providing a quick, short-term solution for those in need while longer term solutions are being developed. The number of New Zealanders requiring support is expected to reduce as 1400 additional contracted emergency housing places come available in the coming months,” says Ms Adams.

“This is part of $344 million announced last year for emergency housing support, which included funding for up to 2200 contracted places, and will provide households with accommodation for up to three months. Households in this accommodation will be supported by providers to plan their transition to more sustainable housing placements.

“The Emergency Housing SNG is part of a substantial programme of work underway to address the social housing needs of New Zealanders over the short, medium and longer terms.”