Embracing culture of workplace learning

  • Pansy Wong
Women's Affairs

This year, around 1700 State Sector and local Government employees from across New Zealand completed qualifications through Learning State, a state owned company.

"These qualifications cover many different areas of the State sector. The study is practical and applied. It enhances the skills our public servants use in their jobs, teaches other skills that will benefit them and their employers. I applaud those employers and employees who make workplace learning a priority as up-skilling staff provides better outcomes for all," Minister of Women's Affairs Pansy Wong says.

Speaking at their graduation, Mrs Wong says our public servants undertaking such study has helped New Zealand retain its reputation at the top of the integrity lists.

New Zealand once again this year retained its top spot as the country perceived to have the lowest level of domestic, public sector corruption according to Transparency International's 2010 Corruption Perceptions Index.

"I would also acknowledge that this is a significant week for Auckland, with the inaugural meeting of the new Auckland Council taking place on Monday. It is therefore fitting that this year, for the first time, Learning State has a number of local government employees graduating.

"These employees, from the former North Shore and Waitakere City Councils, will be receiving qualifications in first line management, business administration, public sector management and leadership development.''

The study undertaken will also help all these graduates move forward and upward in their career as well as enhancing the service provided to the public.

Mrs Wong says one of the Government's top priorities is the delivery of better, smarter public services and the goal can only be achieved with having high quality public servants.