Electric highway to encourage EV uptake

  • Simon Bridges

Transport Minister Simon Bridges says a nationwide network of fast-charging stations will help address one of the main barriers to electric vehicle (EV) uptake in New Zealand.

BMW Group New Zealand has announced it will partner with Charge Net NZ to help stimulate the installation of a network of fast-charging EV stations. More than 100 stations will be installed across New Zealand.

“A big barrier preventing households and businesses from choosing EVs is the limited availability of public charging infrastructure. Increasing the number of charging stations will give New Zealanders the confidence to use EVs for longer distance travelling,” Mr Bridges says.

“Currently there are more than 30 fast charging stations in New Zealand, with more opening every week, and more than 100 other public charging stations across the country. However, long distance travel on battery alone still causes range anxiety.

“This initiative to grow an electric highway of fast charging stations is a great example of the innovation and partnership approach that needs happen to help us meet our target of 64,000 EVs on NZ roads by 2021.”

"Now we want New Zealanders to consider choosing an EV as their next car given the confidence they can have in the supporting infrastructure.”

Developing guidelines for the installation of public charging infrastructure is one of the 14 initiatives the Government announced in May as part of its Electric Vehicles Programme.

“I have asked my agencies to support councils and the private sector in developing public charging infrastructure by providing clear and accessible guidance and information around the infrastructure, and by clarifying the regulatory framework. I expect to make an announcement about this soon,” Mr Bridges says.

More information about the Government’s Electric Vehicle Programme is available at: https://www.electricvehicles.govt.nz/.