EECA Board appointments announced

  • David Parker

Energy Minister David Parker today announced three appointments to the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) Board. 

  • The Deputy Chair, Alastair Patrick, has been reappointed for a term of three years
  • Joel Cayford has been appointed as a member for three years
  • David Caygill, has been cross-appointed as a member until 7 October 2010, to coincide with the conclusion of his term as Chair of the Electricity Commission.

Alastair Patrick has been a member of the EECA Board since June 2005.

Mr Parker said. “Mr Patrick has extensive central government experience and is an expert in transport policy and infrastructure.”

Joel Cayford has significant experience in local government processes, including corporate governance as Chair on both the Auckland Regional Council’s Transport Policy Committee and the North Shore Council’s Works and Environment Committee.

The purpose of David Caygill’s cross-appointment is to facilitate an effective working relationship and coordination of programmes and information-sharing between the Electricity Commission and EECA.

"Mr Caygill will make a valuable contribution to the EECA Board,” Mr Parker said. “He has a mix of legal, regulatory and governance experience as well as a deep understanding of the electricity sector."

The two new members replace Russell Longuet and Dennis Parker (no relation to the Minister), who have come to the end of their second terms. Mr Parker thanked the two retiring members.

"I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the valuable contribution these members have made to the Authority and its work programme. During that time the Authority has made significant progress on many major issues, including in developing the New Zealand Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy and liaising with business."

The other five Board members are Roger Sutton (Chair), Andrew Pearce, Greg Sise, Penelope Hulse, and Toni Owen.

Further background information:

Alastair Patrick is currently a contractor for Beacon Consulting, which provides high level consulting services focusing on border security agencies. Services provided include information systems strategy, programme and project management, procurement, sourcing, business process improvement and technology architecture. Between 1991 and 2003 Mr Patrick worked for the Ministry of Transport, the last three years as Manager of Infrastructure and Services.

Joel Cayford has a PhD in physics and specialist knowledge of waste and recycling industries, network utility economics and function, and urban planning and development processes. He also has a background in commercial negotiation, community service and campaigning.

David Caygill has extensive governance experience through serving on numerous public and private sector boards and as an industry regulator in his former role as Deputy Chair of the Commerce Commission. His extensive electricity sector experience includes chairing the Ministerial Inquiry into the Electricity in 2000, chairing the Grid Security Committee and chairing the industry’s attempt at establishing self-governance through the Electricity Governance Establishment Committee.