Dyson Manipulates Senior Citizens

  • David Carter
Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens Minister and MP for Banks Peninsula, Hon David Carter, says Labour MP Ruth Dyson is needlessly scaring senior citizens groups by telling lies about Inland Revenue's taxation plans for elderly entertainers.

"Ruth Dyson stated in the Christchurch Press on Saturday she had started a petition to stop withholding tax being applied to elderly entertainers who perform for senior citizens groups."

"Ruth Dyson's plan to seek signatures for a petition is nothing more than a manipulative political ploy."

"Only last Thursday, I answered a Parliamentary question to the Labour MP informing her that IRD has acknowledged the impracticalities of collecting withholding tax from marginally paid entertainers."

"Ruth Dyson knows that IRD is reviewing this issue, and that a threshold is being developed for entertainers who perform for senior citizens clubs for next to nothing."

"The threshold is likely to be very similar to the one in place for prize monies paid to sportspeople, a threshold which is working well."

"For the Labour MP to come out publicly in the Christchurch Press only yesterday, two days after being informed otherwise, is mischievous and underhand."