Dux Quest plumbing withdrawn 24 years ago

  • Maurice Williamson
Building and Construction

“Dux Quest was withdrawn from the market about 24 years ago. It pre-dates the current Building Code and the Building Act,” Building and Construction Minister Maurice Williamson said.

"I am advised it was one of the first Polybutylene plumbing systems introduced into New Zealand in the early 1980s. When the piping was found to be problematic Dux Industries widely publicised the situation. They offered to replace the product for homeowners or pay for replacement material."

In that era building consent was in the hands of borough councils, not the Government.

The Building Code; which includes plumbing and drainage; became fully effective on 1 January 1993. The Department of Building and Housing has powers to take action over products which result in buildings failing to comply with the New Zealand Building Code. The New Zealand Building Code is not retrospective.

“Issues with Dux Quest plumbing have never been raised with me in my two and a half years as Building and Construction Minister,” Mr Williamson said.

Mr Williamson said people concerned their home or business may contain Dux Quest plumbing should contact a certified plumber for an inspection.