Dunne to attend high needs health care symposium in Washington DC

  • Peter Dunne

Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne heads for Washington DC today to attend the Commonwealth Fund’s 17th International Symposium on Health Care Policy.

“A major theme of the 2014 symposium is how different health systems meet the challenge of delivering care for patients with high needs and high costs,” says Mr Dunne.

Along with a number of other health ministers from Europe and North America, Mr Dunne will participate in panels and policy roundtable events.

“The Symposium provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the innovations in policy and practice that this Government has put in place to ensure the excellence and financial stability of the New Zealand public health system.

“It’s an opportunity to discuss evidence on improving health system performance, reflect on practical lessons that might be valuable for New Zealand, and talk frankly with Ministers and senior officials about initiatives that improve patients' experience of health care.

“We often share common problems but frequently differ in our solutions.  

“This meeting is a useful opportunity to hear at first-hand about other countries’ experiences and what they’ve learned”, Mr Dunne said.