Duffy Books Part of NZ Culture

  • Georgina te Heuheu
Women's Affairs

Minister of Women's Affairs Georgina te Heuheu is impressed at the influence "Duffy books" is having on the development of our children.

"The Books in Homes programme is set to become a defining feature of our NZ culture," Mrs te Heuheu said.

The Minister was attending the Books in Homes programme's launch in Auckland of the latest anthology of school children's writing and illustrations - Tikity Boo 3. All the children from the 134 schools that had published works were also flown in for the launch and two read their stories before a gathering of parents, teachers, sponsors and supporters. Former All black Norm Hewitt a leading promoter of Duffy Books was also present at the launch.

"There are now 65,00 children benefiting from Duffy Books and 284 schools participating in the programme. With the millionth book delivered in October this year this is now more than just a reading programme."

"This is about creating an exciting new vehicle for the skills and imagination of our children," she said. "These Tikity Boo series are a fantastic empowering way for kids to be encouraged to write about and illustrate things that reflect who they are," says Mrs te Heuheu.

"The stories and illustrations submitted by more than 3000 children are of a high calibre. I am thrilled at the creative talent and potential reflected in these stories and drawings," Mrs te Heuheu said, "and I am optimistic for the future".

"I commend Alan Duff and Christine Fernyhough for their vision and commitment and also Carter Holt Harvey and other sponsors for their enthusiasm and support. It is this commitment to the future of our children that the National government is proud to support," she concluded.