Don't Pre-judge Staff Changes, Says Simich

  • Clem Simich

Condemning planned Police staffing changes at this stage is pre-judging something which aims to improve policing, says Police Minister Clem Simich.

The Police Review allows the district managers of the country's 12 Police districts greater flexibility on how to allocate their staff to address local policing needs. Draft business plans have been drawn up, and are currently being worked on with the Police Commissioner.

Mr Simich said it was important the public were aware local police staffing was solely an internal matter determined by local district managers and the Commissioner, and was a process the Government had no input into, nor power to influence.

"For a start, all the district business plans are currently in draft form only and work is still being done," Mr Simich said. "Nothing is set in stone."

"Secondly, the public can have faith the draft plans are being rigorously examined to evaluate their effect on frontline capability. These plans are designed with one purpose in mind: to enhance frontline effectiveness and improve service to the public."

"Neither the Commissioner nor I will tolerate anything which diminishes service to the public in any way," Mr Simich said.

"It's vital the public knows the aim is to create a better police service at the end of the process," he concluded.