• John Luxton

An article in this morning's Dominion quoting Biosecurity Minister John Luxton as stating "there was no use debugging cars abroad" or "that imported used cars are no less likely to carry foreign pests if they are cleaned abroad rather than on New Zealand wharves" are both incorrect, Mr Luxton said

The review referred to, a recent audit, found inspecting and clearing cars offshore did not reduce the risk of contamination any more than inspecting and clearing them onshore on arrival.

"The Dominion's unfortunate mistake incorrectly suggests that there is little use in cleaning imported used cars. This is totally incorrect."

As Minister responsible for Biosecurity John Luxton stated today: "It is absolutely vital that all imported used cars and used equipment and machinery are imported in a clean condition into New Zealand to ensure that they do not carry foreign pests and pose a threat to New Zealand agriculture and the New Zealand environment."