Disestablishment of Te Pūkenga begins

The Government has begun the process of disestablishing Te Pūkenga as part of its 100-day plan, Minister for Tertiary Education and Skills Penny Simmonds says. 

“I have started putting that plan into action and have met with the chair and chief Executive of Te Pūkenga to advise them of my approach. I have also issued a new letter of expectation to the council this week.

“The council of Te Pūkenga has been asked to cease any activities that are inconsistent with disestablishment. This includes recruitment and staff restructuring activity, and other actions that will make it difficult to re-establish former ITPs as institutions.

“The management of Te Pūkenga will be expected to focus on ensuring students, employers and staff are well supported through this next phase. Students will be able to continue their courses as normal.

“I have asked my officials for advice on the programme of work required to support the Government’s new agenda, including the legislative timeline.

“Key parts of that advice will include ensuring financial stability now, and in the future, and restoring regional decision making for local institutions to ensure they can better respond to the education needs of their communities.

“I will also be asking for advice on what other changes to the vocational sector might be needed to support and complement the disestablishment of Te Pūkenga.”