Discussion opens on vehicle size and weight

  • Craig Foss

Changes to a Transport Rule regulating the size and weight of vehicles could allow truck and bus companies to import newer, safer, more innovative and environmental responsible vehicles, Associate Transport Minister Craig Foss says.

A consultation document released today proposes amending the Vehicle Dimensions and Mass (VDAM) Rule 2002 to increase some axle and total vehicle mass limits.

Other proposals include:

  • Increasing the permitted width limit.
  • Increasing limits on some other vehicle dimensions.
  • Allowing ‘50MAX’ vehicles operating on the 50MAX network to work without permits.
  • Allowing Road Controlling Authorities, such as local councils, more authority to approve heavier vehicles and specialised loads.

“Heavy vehicles are a crucial part of our transport system.  With freight levels expected to increase by 75 per cent over the next 25 years, allowing trucks to carry more per trip could reduce the number of trips they need to make,” Mr Foss says.

“Changes to the VDAM Rule aim to improve productivity and reduce compliance costs, while maintaining or improving safety,” Mr Foss says.

Submissions close 17 February 2016.  The discussion document and submission form are available at: www.transport.govt.nz/vdam