Disclaimer - Phone Number Plan

  • Maurice Williamson

"An earlier statement from the New Zealand Telecommunications Industry Organisation (NZTIO) claiming my support for placing New Zealand's telephone numbers under independent control is not correct," Minster for Communications Hon Maurice Williamson said today.

Mr Williamson was commenting on a press release from the New Zealand Telecommunications Industry Organisation, " Minister supports independent phone number plan. "

The NZTIO release followed a meeting between its representatives and the Minister in Wellington earlier today.

" My recollection of that meeting is definitely at odds with that of the NZTIO spokesman David Stone," said the Minister.

" It is totally erroneous for the NZTIO to claim my support for their proposal, as I am currently still considering what options are available. Rather at the meeting Mr Stone is referring to, I instructed my officials to accelerate work evaluating future policy options for numbering.

" I do however acknowledge the increasing level of frustration over numbering within the industry and I do consider there is a need for greater independence in numbering administration.

" Moving on, it is my intention is to work with members of the telecommunications industry including the NZTIO and Telecom to achieve improvements in numbering arrangements," Mr Williamson said.