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Tariana Turia

18 January, 2010

Disability and Maori in New Zealand in 2006

Minister for Disability Issues, Tariana Turia, has today welcomed a report on Disability and Maori in New Zealand in 2006, commissioned by the Office for Disability Issues and published jointly with Statistics NZ.   The report is one of a series presenting findings on disabled New Zealanders.

"The report describes the everyday life for the approximately 96000 Maori who are disabled" said Mrs Turia.

"It confirms that the rate of disability is greater for Maori than for non-Maori".

"It also reveals that Maori uptake of some disability supports lag behind that of non-Maori".

"While this is not news to the disability sector, it does provide clear statistical information which Government can use to establish strategies to strengthen and improve support systems for disabled Maori and their whanau".

"I am pleased to have this information available, and am looking forward to another upcoming report from the Maori Development Research Centre which we hope will guide us in how to improve Maori access to, and uptake of disability support systems".

"There are also a number of initiatives underway by the Ministry of Health to address the gap in meeting the disability needs of Maori. These strategies include annual hui with Maori consumers, a Maori service best practise model for Needs Assessment called Toitu; and a long term strategy and Maori Disability Action Plan".

"However, this report is a great reminder to us all that more needs to be done to ensure more Maori access disability support services and more Maori are informed of what services and equipment they can receive".

"All New Zealanders, including disabled Maori, have the right to enjoy good health, be well educated, have adequate housing, access to meaningful employment, be valued by others, and have the capacity to realise their own potential" said Mrs Turia.

"The ‘Disability and Maori' report will be useful in addressing current discrepancies to make the progress we need to achieve these basic goals" said Mrs Turia.

The report is now live on Statistics New Zealand's website


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