Director of Security reappointed

  • John Key
Prime Minister NZ Security Service

Prime Minister John Key today announced the reappointment of Dr Warren Tucker as Director of Security at the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service.

Dr Tucker has been appointed for a further 18-month term from 1 November 2012.

Mr Key says the reappointment will provide leadership continuity for the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service.

“Dr Tucker is a career intelligence officer. His professionalism is respected and highly regarded by the intelligence and security communities in New Zealand and internationally.

“Dr Tucker has continued to improve the way the Service conducts its business and the Service’s protective security function,” says Mr Key.

“I am pleased Dr Tucker has agreed to remain in office for a further term.”

Dr Tucker’s current term of office will end on 31 October 2012, by which time he will have completed six years in the position.