Democrats Should Be Worried

  • Tony Ryall
State Owned Enterprises

"The Democrats have every reason to think Ms Clark and Mr Anderton will exclude them any possible Labour-Alliance cabinet", SOEs Minister, Tony Ryall, said today.

"At this weekend's Democrats Conference the key-fundraising party in the Alliance made a plea for Dr John Wright and Grant Gillon to join a Labour-Alliance cabinet", said Mr Ryall.

"It was revealed last week that Labour-Alliance leader Helen Clark had told a secret business briefing in Auckland recently that she would find cabinet places for Jim Anderton, Sandra Lee and Matt Robson.

"She apparently described Mr Robson as "quite impressive".

"Only a true innocent would think that Mr Anderton and Ms Clark had not discussed these options.

"The Democrats should start worrying.

"Mr Anderton has displayed such bumbling arrogance of his own team that he has lost two members to other parties, and another is bailing out because she can't stand the treatment.

"Ms Clark also told the secret briefing she would hike taxes and repeal the Employment Contracts Act", said Mr Ryall.