Delivering on Māori housing repairs

Māori Development

The Government’s Māori Housing Network Repair Programme is making positive changes for whānau says Minister for Māori Development Willie Jackson.

“The housing crisis has particularly impacted Māori, with whānau disproportionately living with serious housing deprivation, affecting health, employment and other wellbeing outcomes.”

Over the last three years, our Māori Housing Network Repair Programme, has delivered critical repairs to 1471 Māori homes throughout Aotearoa New Zealand,” Willie Jackson said.

 “Everyone deserves to live in warm, safe and healthy homes regardless of where they are and I am very proud of the work that our Government is doing in rural Aotearoa to enable this to happen.

“The programme works, I’ve seen it first-hand in Kaingaroa, where 145 homes were in poor condition and consequently maintenance and repair of the village infrastructure was desperately needed.”

The Government invested over $3.5 million into the whānau-led community development project and produced:

  • 91 repairs completed
  • 73 whānau ora plans developed and actioned
  • Seven DIY workshops delivered and two follow-up days to review DIY work started over phase one and two of the project.


“I was invited into one of the whare, where I was shown the difference those repairs have made to the three generations of one family who live there. We will continue to partner and invest with Iwi in Māori led housing solutions. A by Māori for Māori solution works, Kaingaroa proves it,” Willie Jackson said.

That is why as part of our overall Māori Housing investment of $730 million assigned $140 million over the next four years to the Māori Housing Network, where we will build new Papakainga and undertake critical repairs to more than 700 existing houses, Willie Jackson said.