Delamere: Rod Donald Is A Hypocrite

  • John Delamare

Immigration Minister, Hon Tuariki Delamere, has branded the Alliance MP, Rod Donald, a hypocrite following his belated
support for the German overstayer, Mrs Petra Schier.

"Mr Donald has accused me of cruelty for allowing Mrs Schier to submit a new application for residence under the
entrepreneur category of the business immigration rules and then rejecting it," said Mr Delamere.

"Mr Donald knows perfectly well that it was he who exhorted me to accept a direct approach from Mrs Schier as this might
be a window of opportunity for Mrs Schier to be allowed to stay.

"I agreed to consider the application carefully, as is my duty, and as I would have done for anyone. Mr Donald was well
aware there would need to be a compelling case presented, if I were to consider rescinding the removal order.

"From an analysis of the financial information provided, the case was clearly not compelling.

"Mr Donald may be happy, like his Alliance and Green Party colleagues, to be selective in his use of facts while promoting
his political objectives, but it is not a responsible way to implement New Zealand's immigration policies and it is not a
course I follow.

"As to the merits of Mrs Schier's business plan, I prefer to follow the guidance of seasoned experts in this field, rather than
take the politically-motivated emotionalism of Mr Donald, who thinks setting up a chain of taxpayer-funded banks on every
street corner is a good idea.

"This casual attitude towards other people's money is one of the many reasons Mr Donald should never have the opportunity
to occupy the Treasury benches," concluded Mr Delamere.