Delamere Rejects Maharey's Gloominess

  • John Delamare
Pacific Island Affairs

Pacific Island Affairs Minister Hon Tuariki Delamere today rejected the 'entirely negative' comments of Labour's social welfare spokesman, Steve Maharey, concerning the Government's Family Start initiative.

"The Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs is delighted that West Auckland Pacific communities will get the benefit of the Family Start programme, with the prototype being set-up there. Pacific people make up 12% of the West Auckland community according to the 1996 statistics," he said.

"Pacific people's health, welfare and education is a priority area for the West Auckland Family Start prototype. The goals for Services to Pacific Islands People are:

  • improve Pacific peoples' health, welfare and education status;
  • increase participation in health, education and social services provision;
  • To improve the service delivery systems for health, education and social services."

The successful service provider is a joint organisation put together by Te Whanau o Waipareira and Pasifika Health, called Waipareira Pasifika.

"Just this morning, I attended the launch of the Family Start programme in Rotorua, and I am pleased to inform Mr Maharey that the Te Arawa people are also delighted to have the benefit of this initiative.

"This is a positive programme, something that Mr Maharey and the Labour Party seem to have problems with. They are under the impression that simply sitting on the sidelines and whining for an early election like some spoilt child is a responsible policy to advance the interests of New Zealand.

"I suggest Mr Maharey get in behind and support positive programmes that actually help people," concluded Mr Delamere