Delamere Applauds Maori Participation in Argentine Welcome

  • John Delamare

Customs Minister and MP for Te Tai Rawhiti, Hon Tuariki Delamere, today applauded the inclusion for the first time of the Royal New Zealand Army's Maori cultural group in the Parliamentary welcoming ceremony for Argentine's President Carlos Menem on Thursday, April 2.

"I am delighted that the Prime Minister, Mrs Shipley, has agreed to this expansion of New Zealand's official welcome to foreign dignitaries. It is entirely appropriate that such visitors are greeted with Maori, as well as military, ceremony," he said.

President Menem and his party will be challenged by the Army's Maori group, Ngati Tumatauenga, on Parliament's forecourt.

They will then be greeted by Mrs Shipley, the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Peters, the Speaker of the House, Mr Kidd, and other Ministers at the foot of Parliament's steps.

President Menem will take the Salute from the Guard of Honour, provided by the Royal New Zealand Air Force's base at Woodbourne, and then inspect the Guard.