Decision closer on America’s Cup venue

  • Hon David Parker
Economic Development

Minister for Economic Development David Parker welcomes new developments that bring closer an agreement on the shape of a world class venue for the 36th America’s Cup event in Auckland.

 “I am pleased we are closer to reaching a conclusion that we fought for, which will deliver a cheaper option with a much smaller intrusion into the harbour.

“There are still important details to work through and we are continuing to seek the lowest cost option with the smallest intrusion into the harbour, as has been our stated objective from the start.

 “The greater environmental benefits of a smaller intrusion would be worth tens of millions more if appropriately valued,” Mr Parker says.

 Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Mr Parker and Mayor Goff have stated they are committed to limiting the intrusion into the harbour, while achieving a word class venue for the Cup event.

 The new option, known as Point-Halsey, has evolved from suggestions by local residents and interest group. It is the cheapest of the four put forward and envisages only a 9900 square metre extension of the Halsey St Wharf

 Other options would have seen intrusions of 22,800 square metres.

 The option being discussed will also bring forward the removal of tank farms on Wynyard Point and create a legacy Auckland can be proud of.

 Officials are working with Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ) on the design and details of this fourth option, as well as other aspects of the overall event.

 The new option has been described as workable by ETNZ.

Mr Parker said that in a face to face meeting in February he had assured ETNZ boss Grant Dalton that ETNZ would not be forced on to Wynyard Point and that he was assured of a prime position, saying “to the victor the spoils”.

 Mr Parker believes the Point-Halsey option meets that pledge.

 The four options that have been discussed are:

) The original Auckland Council option known as Wynyard Basin, for which a plan seeking consent was lodged on January 15. It envisages a base for Emirates Team New Zealand on Hobson Point with 74m extensions to both Hobson and Halsey Street wharfs. It requires 22,800 square metres of wharf extensions into the harbour.

2) The Wynyard Point "hybrid" option presented by the Government and the Council on February 13, which put more bases on Wynyard Point but which reduced from 74m to 35m an extension on Halsey Wharf, while accommodating ETNZ on Hobson. It requires 14,200 sq m of extensions into the harbour.

3) An option proposed by Emirates Team New Zealand which retains the 75m Halsey extension putting more bases on the extended Halsey Wharf, while holding Wynyard Point in reserve, with ETNZ on Hobson. It requires the same 22,800 sq m of extensions as the basin option.

4) Point-Halsey. This design utilises land on Wynyard Point and reduced to 45m the extension to Halsey Street Wharf. There would be no extension to Hobson Wharf. It provides for two double bases on Halsey, one of which will be ETNZ’s base and additional bases on Wynyard wharf as syndicates are confirmed. It requires a 9900 sq m extension into the harbour.

Mr Parker says only four double bases are now needed, rather than the six required at the time the hybrid option was announced, and this gives greater flexibility. 

 A consent application will be lodged for the building of bases on Wynyard Point and the existing Halsey Wharf.

 That will sit alongside the council's earlier application and ensure maximum flexibility.

Option costings: (Note: All information is approximate and subject to final decisions).



(1) Wynyard Basin

(2) Wynyard Point

(3) Halsey-Hobson (ETNZ)

(4) Point-Halsey







Halsey St Wharf





Wynyard Point