• Maurice Williamson
Local Government

The Government is moving against dangerous dogs with regulations banning four dangerous breeds, in force early next year, announced Hon Maurice Williamson Minister of Local Government, today.

"The National Caucus has unanimously agreed to a package of measures to keep American pit bull terriers, Japanese tosas, dogo argentinos and fila brasileiros, out," said the Minister.

"The four breeds are dangerous and bred for no useful purpose other than to fight and attack.

"Importation of pit bull terriers will be prohibited and those already here will have to be neutered.

"Apart from the import ban and compulsory neutering, recommendations in the package include: muzzling of the dogs in public; secure fencing when at home; local authority consent for any transfer of ownership and higher registration fees to cover the costs
of enforcing the proposed regime

"Cabinet will consider approving the package, which will not require a law change, within the next week with the regulation enforceable early next year," said Mr Williamson.