Damien O'Connor confuses party logging stand

  • David Carter
Food, Fibre, Biosecurity and Border Control

"Damien O'Connor's attempt in the Christchurch Press to clarify his support for Timberlands West Coast has left Labour with two stands," says Associate Minister for Food and Fibre, Hon David Carter.

"Damien O'Connor says the Labour Party would not stop Timberlands West Coast's sustainable beech scheme. Would Helen Clark urgently confirm whether this is official Labour party policy?"

Mr Carter said there was no doubt Helen Clark and Damien O'Connor remained divided, despite the West Coast MP's assurances to the contrary.

"Only on Monday Ms Clark confirmed to the New Zealand Herald that forestry policy wasn't a priority for Labour. Tell that to Damien O'Connor and the people of the West Coast who know only too well how important forestry is to their survival."

"Mr O'Connor and Ms Clark should start talking to each other again, because it's obvious to the public of New Zealand that there is no consistent and coherent Labour Party forestry policy."