Cycle share schemes for Auckland and Christchurch being considered

  • Simon Bridges

Transport Minister Simon Bridges says current investigations into cycle share schemes in both Auckland and Christchurch shows the increasingly significant contribution cycling is now making to our transport system.

The NZ Transport Agency and Christchurch City Council are investigating whether to introduce a cycle share scheme in Christchurch, and Auckland Transport is beginning a study into the introduction of a similar scheme for Auckland city centre.

“We now live in a world where technology is creating new ways to connect customers and service providers. These technologies have also opened the door to new ways of solving some of our long-standing transport challenges, with e-bikes already becoming part of the solution for cities around New Zealand,” Mr Bridges says.

“Cycle share schemes are an important part of the transport system in more than 700 cities internationally, and they hold real promise here.

“By researching the feasibility of a cycle share scheme for Auckland and in Christchurch, together with our partners we’re creating an opportunity to develop more integrated transport systems that give both residents and visitors, more options about how they get around our towns and cities.

“Cycle share schemes also have the potential to add value and optimise investment in cycleways and shared paths as these increase across the country.

“The Government’s Urban Cycleways Programme is delivering a $333 million dollar programme of cycling infrastructure and initiatives across New Zealand, and cycling is becoming an everyday part of more and more people’s lives,” Mr Bridges says.

“In the past two years we’ve completed projects such as Auckland’s Te Ara Whiti Lightpath and Quay Street cycleway, and Christchurch’s Unicycle route. As a result we’re seeing a strong uptake in the number of people choosing to get around these cities by bike.  I look forward to seeing what the investigation work recommends.”