Cut The Conditions Damien, Will You Vote For The Coast Or Not?

  • Tony Ryall
State Owned Enterprises

West Coast MP, the isolated, Damien O'Connor, has wimped out again on the issue of a sustainable timber industry for the West Coast", SOEs Minister, Tony Ryall, said today.

"Mr O'Connor told the Christchurch Press this morning that 'I'll cross the floor if my vote is needed to pass necessary legislation to protect our timber industry'", said Mr Ryall.

"Mr O'Connor knows full well that the Government doesn't need his vote to protect the West Coast industry.

"Cut the conditions and provisos Damien - will you vote for the West Coast or not?

"If yes, then tell the detached intellectual, Helen Clark, the disappointing, Jill Pettis, and the rest of the politically-correct urban Labour caucus that you support the Coast.

"If not, then you might as well start looking for that high-rise apartment in downtown Wellington because you won't be welcome on the Coast", said Mr Ryall.