Customs Mutual Administrative Assistance Agreement between New Zealand and the Kingdom of the Netherlands


Aotearoa New Zealand and the Kingdom of the Netherlands have reached an agreement today, which will enable information sharing to limit harm across our countries. 

Both parties signed the Mutual Administrative Assistance in Customs Matters Agreement (CMAA), which means they have agreed to work together to share important information in customs offences, such as trade and narcotics trafficking.

"The CMAA contributes to our efforts to facilitate trade and enables us to work alongside each other to better understand the activities of transnational organised criminal groups with operations in New Zealand, their methods, and the wider interception trends being seen overseas," says Hon Meka Whaitiri, Minister of Customs.

"It supports New Zealand’s efforts to target and disrupt criminal networks from operating across both our borders.”

The signing of the agreement was hosted at The Customhouse in Wellington with Deputy Ambassador Maartje ten Brummelaar as the co-signatory. The signing was also virtually attended by the Kingdom of the Netherlands’ State Secretary for Benefits and Customs Aukje de Vries, and Director General Customs Administration, Nanette van Schelven.

“Sharing information across our mutual investigations teams can enlighten and strengthen the national security of both the Kingdom of the Netherlands and New Zealand. This agreement is moving us in the right direction, and is a crucial next step to limit harm across our countries.”

“I would like to acknowledge the staff at New Zealand Customs Service and the staff at the Customs Administration of the Netherlands, some of whom joined us virtually, for putting in the many hours into the formation of the text of the agreement. Your work has made, and will continue to make a difference in protecting the interests of New Zealand and the Netherlands,” Meka Whaitiri said.

“Together we have a lot of knowledge and expertise and the agreement will be mutually beneficial. We are very much looking forward to cooperating with our colleagues from the New Zealand Customs Service,” says State Secretary for Customs, Aukje de Vries.