Customs keeping border safe over the holidays

  • Nicky Wagner

Customs Minister Nicky Wagner thanks Customs for their hard work this year keeping our borders safe.

“While most of us are enjoying our holidays, our frontline staff at Customs are facing their busiest time of the year. I wish to thank all Customs staff for their tremendous effort this year, particularly those who are protecting our border over the Christmas break,” Ms Wagner says.

“They’re dealing with rising volumes of border transactions, and ever increasing passenger volumes.

“Air passenger volumes are forecast to increase by 21% between 2015 and 2020 and trade volumes are forecast to grow by 30%”.

“Customs officers are the first and last impression of New Zealand. They are expected to provide top service, at the same time as they focus on passengers and cargo that could be carrying drugs or other prohibited goods.

“While Customs uses innovation and technology to support its work, its officers will always be the most important part of New Zealand’s frontline,” Ms Wagner says.