Cultural Funding And The Royal New Zealand Ballet

  • Simon Upton
Cultural Affairs

The Minister of Cultural Affairs, Hon Simon Upton, confirmed today that there has been a request for further funding from the Royal New Zealand Ballet. The Ballet currently receives $1.8 million per annum from Creative New Zealand - about 28% of its total income - but, it has been experiencing financial difficulties for some time.

Mr Upton said, 'a range of options for the future of the Royal New Zealand ballet are being explored, which, to be frank, include the possibility that it will be closed. My view is that it should be funded on the same sort of basis as the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. I'll do my utmost to
achieve this, but I don't like my chances.

'Whatever the outcome,' Mr Upton concluded, 'this should not be viewed as a contest between European and Maori culture. There is very limited money to go round and every effort is made to distribute it fairly.'