Cullen's slipped the leash again

  • Roger Sowry
Leader of the House

"We always knew Michael Cullen was nasty, but we thought Helen Clark would be able to keep him on his leash for at least the first week of the campaign," said Roger Sowry.

"But here we are on day 2 of the campaign and Dr Cullen is already resorting to juvenile name-calling about the Prime Minister in his speeches."

"Instead of resorting to public school-boy abuse, Dr Cullen should concentrate on adding up the costs of his colleagues promises.

"This campaign should be about the important issues facing the country, not about Dr Cullen's constant negative carping. New Zealanders deserve better than that.

"Today, for example Labour have issued no less than 9 press releases specifically attacking Jenny Shipley . Surely this is a signal they're worried about the way the campaign is unfolding."