Cullen Off To UK?

  • Tony Ryall

"A prediction: within a week Labour's Finance Spokesman, Dr Michael Cullen, will sitting in First Class, sipping champagne, winging his way to Britain to follow up on Bob Harvey's ‘fact finding mission' to the British Labour Party," SOE Minister Tony Ryall, said today.

"Labour can't seem to give Dr Cullen shoes big enough to stop him putting his foot in his mouth.

"First he slagged off his closest ally, Jim Anderton, over the Alliance's budget spending orgy.

"Now he's humiliated Labour's only other ally the Greens.

"Helen Clark has been trying to put the acidic Dr Cullen back in his box, but he just won't stay down.

"No, I predict Helen will soon get sick and tired of having to try and patch up the damage caused by Dr Cullen.

"Far better to just stick him in a plane - probably at the taxpayers' expense - and send him to England where he can't