Cullen loses rag with West Coasters

  • David Carter
Associate Minister of Forestry

"Labour deputy leader Michael Cullen treated a West Coast delegation to a shocking display of behaviour today, by swearing at them, causing one of the group to cry, and then storming out of the meeting Labour had organised to hear West Coast concerns," says Associate Forestry Minister David Carter.

"A person who cannot control his temper to this extent is certainly not a person who is capable of looking after the purse-strings of New Zealand."

"For the Labour Party to now claim that Michael Cullen left the meeting because he had an urgent plane to catch is just rubbish. Mr Cullen spent the next hour in the debating chamber."

"Only a month ago Michael Cullen was expelled from Parliament for losing his temper."

"This is a man urgently in need of a course in anger management."