Cullen Can Finally Explain

  • Bill Birch

The Labour Party's conference provides Michael Cullen with the opportunity to finally tell New Zealanders what Labour's policies are, what they will cost and who will pay, Treasurer Bill Birch said today.

"We've heard how Labour opposes everything the Government does, we've heard all the platitudes, but Labour refuses to talk about policy.

"With an election now a year away, New Zealanders have a right to know what Labour has planned.

"They should have a plan, they've had eight years in Opposition to think about one. But the cunning stunt Labour thinks will get it into office is not to say anything.

"Dr Cullen thinks he is so clever that he can get away with saying he is outraged workers have tax cuts leaving more money in their pockets, without telling them whether he will take those taxes back.

"He thinks low interest rates, and 250,000 more people in work doesn't matter. That he can get away with talking about Labour's grand spending plans and that people will forget what the last Labour government did to the economy and jobs.

"Labour is so scared of saying what their policies will cost - and what taxes will have to rise to - that they're trying to deal in smoke and mirrors. New Zealanders deserve better than that.
"Jim Anderton, Labour's coalition partner, knows it's not good enough.

"If Labour believes its own hype it should come clean."