Crown Manager to support Kaipara District Council

  • Louise Upston
Local Government

Associate Local Government Minister Hon Louise Upston has announced the appointment of Peter Winder as a Crown Manager. Mr Winder’s role will be to support the Kaipara District Council when it returns to a fully-elected Council following the 8 October local elections.

“Mr Winder is currently a Kaipara Commissioner, and will bring with him his extensive experience and in-depth knowledge,” Ms Upston says.

“Mr Winder will support Council members by taking responsibility for legal actions relating to past issues on their behalf. This will allow Council members to focus on the District’s future.”

Peter Winder will begin his new Crown Manager role following the local elections. The term of the Crown Manager is for a period of three years.

Ms Upston encourages locals to stand for the Kaipara District Council at the upcoming local elections.

“I encourage locals who want to help lead their District to a positive and brighter future to consider standing for Council. There is a real opportunity for the District to look forward and move on from the past.”